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Produkt pred umikom iz proizvodnje.
Dobavljivost omejena.
Tesnilni konus; vključuje varilni
adapter; Uporaba: prehrambna industrija
in farmacija

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Order code
    • Order code 60011606

      Silopren gland for TA70-PV D=11mm 10pc's

      Kit of 10 elements for TA70-PV with o'ring

    • Order code 60011607

      Elastosil gland, TA70-NV D=9mm 10 pieces

      Kit of 10 elements for TA70-NV with o'ring

    • Order code 60011608

      Elastosil gland, TA70-LV D=6mm 10 pieces

      Kit of 10 elements for TA70-LV with o'ring

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