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Supply chain management
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SupplyCare Hosting

SupplyCare Hosting ©Endress+Hauser

Cloud-based inventory management platform for transparent information within the supply chain

The SupplyCare cloud-based inventory management platform supports users in collaborative demand planning, event-driven replenishment planning and scheduling as well as the reconciliation (in/out) and consolidation (totaling) of geographically distributed inventories. You can involve partners from all entities and even from different companies to make your supply chain smarter. SupplyCare Hosting runs on a redundant server infrastructure at Endress+Hauser and is available via web browser.

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  • Prednosti

    • Improves demand planning and lowers your inventories

    • Enables business processes such as Vendor and Supplier Managed Inventory (VMI, SMI)

    • Complete solution from inventory measurement and data acquisition to integration in your business processes

    • Worldwide...

  • Področje uporabe

    • Monitor product stock in your tanks and silos at your desk or on the go using web browser technology

    • Assign warning and alarm limits as well as theft detection to all monitored inventory

    • Send or receive e-mail notification, e.g. that replenishment is...

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  • Merilni princip

    Inventory Management Solutions

  • Application Task

    Data acquisition

    Data management

    Process monitoring & visualization

  • Field of Application

    SupplyCare Hosting is a "Cloud" technology web-based operating program for the indication and monitoring of levels of e.g. tanks and silos spread all over the world.

  • Operating systems

    Active Scripting enabled

    JavaScript enabled

    Allow cookies

  • Monitor resolution, display

    1280 x 800 (Desktop), application can also be used on mobile devices

  • Interfaces

    Business System via IMS Middleware

    Web Browser

    OPC DA Server

    Elemica B2B Hub

  • Other

    SupplyCare Hosting runs securely in an Apache Tomcat-environment on an application Server in the "Cloud" hosted and maintained by Endress+Hauser. The operators and administrators operate the application via web browser from theirs desks.

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