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Picture of Vortex flowmeter Proline Prowirl  F 200 / 7F2C for utilities

Proline Prowirl F 200
vortex flowmeter

Versatile flowmeter with detection of wet steam conditions and best-in-class accuracy

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    • Technical Information (TI)

    Proline Prowirl F 200

    English version - 06/2020

    New version available in English

    Vortex flowmeter

    • Explosion Protection

    Product family: Promag E, Promag H, Promag P, Prowirl C, Prowirl D, PROWIRL F, PROWIRL O, Prowirl R

    English version - 08/2022

    New version available in English

    Product root: 5E2B-, 5P2B-, 7C2B-, 7D2B-, 7D2C-, 7F2B-, 7F2C-, 7O2B-, 7O2C-, 7R2B-, 7R2C-, O5H2B-,O5P2B-, O7D2C-, O7F2C-, O7R2C- Region: United Arab Emirates Approval agency: Intertek Protection: Ex ia, Ex ic, 010 ~175 900 900 900, 010~230 900 900 900, Ex ec, Ex db 900

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